Division Structure

    • Mother Sunbeams, 2-6 years old
    • Allen Stars, 7-12 years old
    • Youth Auxiliary 13-17 years old
    • Young Adults, 18-26 years old

Our Purpose

The YPD is a youth training program under the Women’s Missionary Society (WMS) that provides youth training programs and opportunities for leadership experience in all areas of church life. By providing training in Evangelism (Community projects), Christian Social Relations (Workshops) and Education programs the YPD is designed to connect youth more fully to the mission of the church and increase knowledge of the African Methodist Episcopal Church history and the scriptures.

Our Pledge

I pledge my willing and untiring service to all efforts of the Young People’s and Children’s Division to aid the needy and suffering people, regardless of race, color or creed. I further pledge to take the Bible as my guide, to aid my church, and to attend meetings regularly. In all these tasks I seek the Savior’s guidance.

Our Colors

    • Forest Green - is symbolic of growth and Christian vitality.
    • White - is symbolic of purity of life and conversation; light that shineth more and more, and faith.
    • Black - is symbolic of mourning for those who persist in their rebellion against God and who commit acts displeasing in His sight.
    • Collar (V shaped) - symbolic of victory over sin and confusion.
    • Leopard or leopard skin design material patch - symbolic of grace, quickness, determination and endurance to fight sin and to defend righteousness (Triangle shape, symbolic of the Trinity and strength).
    • Badge - symbolic of the tie which binds together the determination to endure till the end.